Galerie Maubert


Adrien Couvrat, Solo Show

December 9th 2015 - January 23rd 2016

Adrien Couvrat endeavors to reveal the unstable, fragile and immaterial aspects of abstract painting. Between presence and lustrous breathers, Couvrat’s painting, composed in layers of furrowed pigments, endlessly jolts and jerks the viewer’s eye. For his first solo exhibition, titled Ronde, at Galerie Maubert, Couvrat’s works emphasize undulations, rippling surfaces that express light in its many hues. Testing the bounds of geometry and spatial mechanics, this ceaseless world suspended between darkness and radiance, repetition and contrast, forms beams whose colors vary with light or the observer’s angle of perception. The movement of bodies, that of the observer in relation to the pictorial surface, coexist in continuous motion, becoming interwoven as if in orbit, with periodic eclipses at the heart of the solar system.