Galerie Maubert

Back to where all is Resolved

Isabelle Ferreira, Solo Show

With the support of the French National Center for Visual Arts (CNAP)

Curator Marie Cantos.

May 20th - July 29th 2017

The exhibition title Back to where all is Resolved suggests a ceaseless reshuffling of the cards. Isabelle Ferreira here presents a new framework for reading her Elements of Perspective with a set of wooden structures that present the constituents of her vocabulary, her “pictorial units”. This engenders an enjoyable combinatorial game with colored bases, found pieces of wood and other materials that can then be moved to (again) occupy the exhibition space, thereby forming a new environment. The characteristic mobility of Isabelle Ferreira’s work can be found in the objects, bricks, colored bases, stapled sculptures and other items that she displaces, or within the figures that traverse landscapes in her first videos. There’s also the mobility of the viewers who experience her paintings and installations, thereby almost reenacting the motions of the artist when working in her studio. Lastly, there’s the mobility of Isabelle Ferreira’s body fastening pieces of plywood onto the surfaces of her Subtractions (since 2013), painted with acrylic and repeatedly hit with a claw hammer. For the artist, it’s as if her knowhow were set in reverse as she gently wears down the wood – a restrained martyr (in every sense of the term).