Galerie Maubert

Matière Noire – Atsunobu Kohira

Exhibition from December 19, 2019 to February 1, 2020


“”Dark matter” is an invisible matter whose existence is supposed in the Universe, it is also the very material, carboniferous and energetic, that this exhibition is made of. This is why, for several years now, Astunobu Kohira has been exploring coal’s potential as a raw material for his work and as a living energy. For him, it relates to a spiritual quest seeking the soul of this substance. The process started in the former mining regions in the north of France, in Lens in 2015 and in Bethune in 2017 (for the exhibition Interiorités, Labanque). That will lead the artist up to Japan, on the path of Kumano Kodo’s pilgrimage, for the creation of a India ink specific to wood charcoal, in Hiroshima (for Crow Cycle, Miyauchi Art Foundation), and in New York (Seek hope, who enter here, The Chimney) in 2018.