Galerie Maubert

Laurent Goldring, First movement, Senseless bodies.

Laurent Goldring, Solo Show

February 1st - March 4th 2017

“The shortage of words to describe the world is foremost due to a lack of images and observation. Videos give me the means of trying to see, of looking to understand.” L. Goldring


Made over more than twenty years and for the first time presented in a gallery, the exhibition Laurent Goldring, Mouvement premier, Corps insensés assembles still images, looped images, and videos of corporeal sculpture in the plastic and choreographic dimensions of the body. “First movement” refers to the early period of film making (cinéma premier). The films by Marey, by the Lumières Brothers, the ones of experimenters who invented a new medium, above all in order to learn and discover, on the verge of still and moving images.