Galerie Maubert

Nathalie Talec

Born in 1960. Lives and works in Paris

Attracted by the poles and lulled by the ancient and modern tales of explorers such as Paul-Emile Victor, Nathalie Talec created in the 1980s a poetically frozen scientific-fictional universe. In search of original purity and fascinated by the action of the cold, she experiments through it, questions of perception, studies the action of chemical or atmospheric phenomena on the elements and lets stories develop through her drawings, photographs, sculptures, installations, performances or sound works.

Nathalie Talec has benefited from personal exhibitions in prestigious institutions such as the EDF Foundation (2019), the FRAC Franche-Comté (2016), the MAC VAL (2009) … Nathalie Talec has developed a long-term collaboration with Sèvres, City of ceramics and has extended its practice to monumental works in public and private space. His works are present in important public collections (Center Pompidou MNAM, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Saint-Etienne, CNAP, FMAC, FRAC IDF, Aquitaine, Alsace …).