Galerie Maubert

Nicolas Daubanes

Born in 1983. Lives and works Perpignan (FR).

Cumulating immersive artist residences in prisons, Nicolas Daubanes focusses on key issues: life, death, the human condition and its social forms. From steel powder drawings to monumental concrete sabotaged installations, the artist is interested in the combined time of suspension and fall: the aim is to see, before the destruction, the life force. “In my latest works speed, fragility, porosity, the ghost-like quality of pictures and material express the pressure of the past as well as what is about to happen. My art is a long-term endeavour; it charts a path. From my very first to my latest work one can see a definite evolution, a path that leads to a search for freedom and some amount of ‘letting go’. I try to experiment intensity and rigour; I play with mental, visual and physical danger. I always choose to balance form and content in a subtle way. For instance, sugar added to concrete illustrates the failed gesture of the French ‘Resistants’ during World War II. The iron filings that I use in my drawings symbolize the prison bars as well as the files that enable a prisoner to escape… The point is to see the vital energy before the final fall and destruction.”

Nicolas Daubanes has exhibited in many institutions such as Villa Arson, les Abattoirs (FRAC Occitanie Toulouse), FRAC Occitanie Montpellier, MRAC Sérignan… Nicolas’s work is part of important private and public collections such as FRAC Occitanie Montpellier, FRAC PACA… Nicolas is the winner of the 2016 Yia Prize, the Occitanie Grand Prix of Contemporary Art 2017 and of the South Mezzanine Prize les Abattoirs 2017.