Galerie Maubert

Nicolas Muller

Born in 1983. Lives and works between France and Switzerland.

« Nicolas Muller works with space. He shapes it in an ultra-intuitive way. His approach is similar to a constant search for balance: on the one hand, a compulsive scribbling, beaten with a hammer, which fills the space, suffocates you, if you have the misfortune to breathe here, on the other hand, an either colourful or barely suggested geometry, which cut this fog like a knife. The forms are created and their diffusion defines the plastic and physical limits of their own condition. » Denis Knepper

Nicolas Muller’s work has been exhibited in several museums, art centers, and arts galleries, in France, Germany and Switzerland. The artist has taken partin several residencies, in Berlin, at FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, at Villa Le Parc… In 2014, he is exhibited at MAMCO Geneva. A collection of his works has recently been acquired by the Jenisch Museum in Vevey.