Galerie Maubert

Elizaveta Konovalova

Born in 1986. Lives and works between Paris and Moscou.

“My work is mainly fed by the challenge of a new environment. The meeting of a place, a situation, an object, a story, is to me a spontaneous and necessary starting point. This approach comes primarily from my willingness to question various aspects of the world and to preserve an experimental approach and a curious vision. By comparing the facts with my intuition, I try to establish a dialogue with a context that is offered to me and find a plastic medium that allows me to elaborate a fair language. My main concern is to create live projects – projects than can be activated or reactivated in a specific situation and exist on their own. Starting from an area, an object, or a situation, I find paths between stories and simple shapes. This I try to disturb life obviousness which catches up my attention, by suggesting a rational, where factual and sensitive realities coexist.”

Elizaveta Konovalova is a graduate from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris, 2010, workshop Jean-Luc Vilmouth. She also studied at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York with the grant Maurice Colin Lefrancq. She won the Prix Sciences Po for Contemporary Art (2014) and Boesner Price (Young Creation, 2013). In 2017,she is finalist of the SAM prize for contemporary art. She is currently a SACRe PhD student at ENSBA.