Galerie Maubert

Jules Guissart

Born in 1986. Lives and works in Southern France.


Jules Guissart grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. He continued his Art studies at Villa Arson in Nizza and went after to Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de paris, during five years. He exhibited along with the workshops of Vincent Barré and Richard Deacon, in particular during the residence – Quartier libre in Bamako. He discovered graphism at the Estienne school, wood carving in the Fine Art workshops of city of Paris and ceramics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

The art works created by Jules Guissart are heir to a willingness of organizing the void, while remaining independent of space. They question the structural concepts of ergonomics and efficiency, sometimes jostling them. The goal is to play with their sizes, their weight, their materials, their forms and functions. Jules Guissart carries on with a research on elementary gesture and direct action of the sculptor on material. He questions the life of the material as regards as geological time, or human time.