Galerie Maubert

Nathalie Elemento

Born in 1965. Lives and works in France.

The work of Nathalie Elemento is a reflection on the « inner furnishings »: on objects that inhabit us, mental positions that are adopted or that make us (or do not make us) capable of adaptation. It is not a work of design where the practicality and the usefulness is essential but rather a work of corrélation between different opportunities (ways of approaching situations).

It is a work where the question of the gaze is the question of the memory: indeed sculptures by Nathalie Elemento are real « inner architecture » that combine both elements of furniture and other objects of use of which she questions the meaning. The meaning that she diverts, as evidenced by the titles of his works or exhibitions, mixing both humor and poetry. The intimate space remains for the artist the primary space in the etymological sense: the house as a reference and as a main field of investigation. Nathalie Elemento offers a representation of the objects in these Interiors from the “inhabited” and “habitat”, expressing a repositioning of the form and its deformation. His current research summons the notion of fold and “repositionable”. Nathalie Elemento is present in many public and private collections (MNAM, Centre Georges Pompidou, Fonds national d’art contemporain FNAC, FRAC IDF, FRAC PACA, FRAC Limousin, FRAC Bourgogne, MAC Lyon, Caisse des dépôts et consignations, Collection F. & D. Guerlain, Collection Société Générale, Collection RAJA …).